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FEAST is a celebration of local cultures that are unique yet connected. We come together around food, music, and conversation, which we celebrate locally while connecting globally to other communities through the medium of radio.

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Engage in local issues. To discuss, and interact. Or simply gather. At home, or in the street. Celebrate the beauty to be found in simple small things. Our environment is the space we inhabit, the air we breath. It gives shape to the world, as we shape our environment.

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Art as local culture. Situated in a place. We act, create, perform, face-to-face.

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Express yourself. Sing. Use your voice. Converse. Play. FEAST encourages dialogue. Using the medium of radio, we connect groups in conversations. Discussions in cafés, or at home are connected and aired. Live events broadcast around the world. FEAST weaves these group conversations together in a unique podcasting and creative writing platform.

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Tune-in to the radio. Talk with friends. Debate. Converse. Live musicians, and café curated playlists connect local venues for the duration of the festival creating a local soundscape and platform for performances and discussion. Radio is the worlds most accessible medium. FEAST connects radio stations around the world. Connecting and twinning communities in unexpected ways.

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